Mona Lisa's work revolves around activating creative consciousness with the aim of freeing yourself and each other from moral, normative, social, political constraints.

In order to achieve that kind of liberation, it is important that your own standards are being tackled as well as your curiosity towards change.
In our installations and performances we invite the public to become a participant. Within directed routes we want to stimulate people's creative consciousness by breaking specific frames of reference and causing confusion. To ultimately create room for change.

We use the online meme culture as a commentary on existing ideas surrounding identity. We see the role-play with one's own and other's identity taking place there as a living example of the emancipation of existing ideas. We immerse ourselves and our audience in a pool of radical subcultures to be able to experience major themes such as gender, sexuality, body, racism and feminism.

We borrow memetic figures and its roleplay to invite you to debates on norms around identity while at the same time roleplay yourself within the conditions of meme culture. That is, being both ironically nihilistic and radically honest at the same time.
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